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Giovanni Gruni

In this podcast we unpack key issues related to international cooperation, globalisation, international economic policy and the European Union making them simple and easy to digest. The episodes do not follow a strict format and are directed to complete newbies as well as to a more expert audience and even specialists of the subject. Some episodes discuss new developments inviting guests who are experts in the field. Some other episodes will be purely introductory. A bit like short classes that will remain available freely on the internet to anyone who has the interest to listen to them. This podcast contains a selection of easily accessible research and teaching on globalisation, the European Union and sustainable development. It provides the perspective of an academic international lawyer on some of the most pressing issues concerning these subjects. This podcast also portrays the life of an international academic who studied and lived in multiple countries to pursue his interests and dreams. Dr Gruni is originally Italian and studied international economic law at the University of Oxford before traveling across Europe and Asia to teach and research the subject. He now lives in Spain where he happily continues his academic career.

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